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Date 2012-10-01 | Views  758 | Books

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» Thailand After Dark by James Newman
Date 2012-10-09 | Views  731 | Books |

Blind dates with psychotic lady-boys. Sadistic bosses and certifiable coworkers. White-water rafting, oily massages with women old enough to be your mom. Mixing cocktails and blindly navigating the Bangkok streets, the bars, the women and the hustlers before hitting rock-bottom and looking at the balcony. In this exciting collection of short stories the author of BANGKOK EXPRESS and BANGKOK CITY shows how is the most exciting young writer to appear from the Bangkok noir scene.

» Thais of Athens by Ivan Yefremov
Date 2012-10-09 | Views  764 | Books |

The beautiful hetaera Thais was a real woman who inspired poets, artists and sculptors in Athens, Memphis, Alexandria, Babylon and Ecbatana. She traveled with Alexander the Great's army during his Persian campaign and was the only woman to enter the capitol of Persia - Persepolis. Love, beauty, philosophy, war, religion - all that and more in a historic masterpiece by Ivan Yefremov.

» Blame It On Bangkok by J. F. Gump
Date 2012-10-09 | Views  806 | Books |

Kamra is a bar girl in Asia and has a story to tell. Little Jimmy and his Dad learn the true meaning of Christmas from an eccentric old man. Nick's brother is dead in Thailand and he's about to find out why. Joe Copeland races to save his son who has overdosed on drugs. "Blame It On Bangkok" presents twenty-five tales set in locations from Pennsylvania to Vietnam to Thailand. Based on true events, these stories are emotionally charged dramas of real people caught up in trying, and sometimes dangerous, situations. Original stories as told by J. F. Gump

» The Night Ferry by Michael Robotham
Date 2012-10-03 | Views  788 | Books |

Detective Alisha Barba hadn't heard from her long lost friend Cate in years, but when she receives a frantic letter pleading for help, she knows she must see her. “They want to take my baby. You have to stop them,” Cate whispers to Alisha when they finally meet. Then, only hours later, Cate and her husband are fatally run down by a car. At the crime scene, Alisha discovers the first in a series of complex and mysterious deceptions that will send her on a perilous search for the truth, from the dangerous streets of London's East End to the decadent glow of Amsterdam's red-light district.

» No Sense of Direction by Eric Raff
Date 2012-10-03 | Views  760 | Books |

No Sense of Direction is a highly enjoyable tale of an adventurous advertising executive from New York City who traded his briefcase for a backpack and a one-way ticket. With a sharp eye for detail and a keen sense of humor, Eric Raff recounts what its like to hit the road with no plan and no destination.

» Pattaya Parables by John Tudor Griffiths
Date 2012-10-03 | Views  803 | Books |

The author served in the Royal Hong Kong Police from 1960 to 1993 and, after discovering Thailand in the late sixties, visited the “Land of Smiles” at least once each year. After leaving Hong Kong and returning to his native Wales he continued to visit for a month each Spring and Autumn. He consummated his love for Country by marrying a young Thai lady who unfortunately died, still young, from cancer. In the course his visits he naturally became well acquainted with the night scene in Pattaya and, being an experienced observer, acquired the material that provides the basis for this book. The vignettes in this book capture a wide spectrum of Pattaya nightlife and provide the reader with an easy to read but interesting voyage into the pathos and the humour that exists behind the bright lights. For anyone who has visited Pattaya it will bring back memories and for those yet to visit a taste of what is awaiting them. The author has also published “ Reminiscences of a Hong Kong Chailo” about his life in the police force in Hong Kong.

» Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Thailand by Balthazar Moreno
Date 2012-10-01 | Views  1507 | Books |

The Author has been living as close to HIV without getting the infection for over 4 years. He has studied every aspect of HIV and other forms of STD and has not become a doctor but an expert in this field. After living in Asia for 10 years he has known everything there is about doctors, medication and different STDs. This explains various STDs from a "consumer's" point of view who lives in Thailand. In most western countries there is just one type of STD and the only option is to go to the doctor while in Thailand, there are a number of different medications one can take for each type of STD with varying price range. STD has become very wide spread and has become so common that when you get an STD in Thailand you can get these for free. Most local doctors would say moth herpes or "lerm" as it is called in Thai, to be common. So common that they will not even advise their patients not to kiss others to prevent the risk of spreading it.

» Lady of Isan by Michael Schemmann
Date 2012-10-01 | Views  758 | Books |

A 19-year old rice farmer's daughter from Isan meets a middle-age Canadian financial professional in the night scene of Pattaya. An eventful romance begins, sharing a sense of excitement and adventure in Thailand ending in suspense. "I couldn't put the book down. I read it on a six and a half hour flight from Bangkok to Perth. I laughed - and I cried..." John Knight "Refreshingly different from most books that I have read about Thai/farang relationships. A thoroughly recommendable book." Stu Alan

» The Boom Boom Girl by Filippo Giovanni Maria Carraro
Date 2012-10-01 | Views  718 | Books |

The Boom Boom Girl is the story of Lampù, a beautiful girl from a rural village of northern Thailand. Having lived through her first sexual experiences and having been raped by her own father, Lampù runs away from home and heads for Bangkok. Like many girls who had just arrived in the big city, Lampù is forced to sell her body to earn her keep. As she is searching for clients in a red-light district she meets Pup, a girl who introduces her to the Suzie Wong, one of the most renowned clubs in Bangkok. It is not long before Lampù becomes one of the most sought-after and highly paid prostitutes in the whole of Asia. One night in a discotheque she meets Mark, a German lad with whom she falls in love. After various vicissitudes, Lampù decides to leave Thailand and her job at the Suzie Wong in order to follow her boyfriend to Europe. Once in Germany, however, Lampù finds she is unable to adapt to the dull German way of life, and she now longs to return to the parties, to the clients, to the nights of sex and to the clubs of her beloved Thailand. Drawn from a true event, this novel tells in a pleasant and at times risqué tone the love story of many Thai girls, which ultimately, as with Lampù, finds expression in the discovery that love of freedom is the real love.

» Amazing Thai Lady by Heinz Duthel
Date 2012-10-01 | Views  758 | Books |

» Dead Bangkok by J.D. Villines
Date 2012-09-30 | Views  661 | Books |

A city where the dead walk and the ghosts play in the dark corners of your mind. After an outbreak of brain parasites turns the living into flesh-eating cannibals, three survivors -- a drug smuggler plus an English teacher and his girlfriend -- try to survive among the afflicted hordes

» Thai Tales by Mike Bell
Date 2012-09-30 | Views  681 | Books |

Initially this collection of short stories examined the many sided relationships between young Thai ladies and older Western men. Many of the relationships are doomed from the start: ‘Remember Your First’ and ‘Rich Man, Poor Man’. I looked too at the conditions in which many farangs live whilst in Thailand. For many it is in a walled and gated community where relationships can become strained in this confinement; ‘The Committee’ or ‘On Guard’. Living in Pattaya for over five years many of the stories are set against this backdrop; ‘The Auction’ and ‘Room 101’. Some of the stories reflect the influx of visitors of many nationalities; the Russian ‘Vladimir and the jet-ski problem; the Indian tourists Rajiv and Rahul and the young backpackers who take incriminating photos in a Go-Go bar; the ‘Chocolate man’ who rescues a damsel in distress. I started to take more of an interest in the local population. How does it feel for a Thai child to be abandoned by her father? ‘Looking For Papa’ explores this. How great a stigma does a Thai family experience when the daughter contracts AIDs? There is the often violent solution to business problems between Thais; ‘The Competitive Edge’. There is the brotherly love shown by a Thai boy when his retarded twin is threatened. If you love living in Thailand and are fascinated, like me, by the native population or if you like your stories to have satisfying endings flavoured with revenge, this collection is for you.

» Feast Day of Fools by James Lee Burke
Date 2012-09-30 | Views  741 | Books |

James Lee Burke returns to the Texas border town of his bestseller Rain Gods, where a serial killer presumed dead is very much alive . . . and where sheriff Hackberry Holland, now a widower, fights for survival—his own, and of the citizens he’s sworn to protect. When alcoholic ex-boxer Danny Boy Lorca witnesses a man tortured to death in the desert, Hackberry’s investigation leads him to Anton Ling, a mysterious Chinese woman known for sheltering illegals. Ling denies any knowledge of the attack, but something in her aristocratic beauty seduces Hack into overlooking that she is as dangerous as the men she harbors. And when soulless Preacher Jack Collins reemerges, the cold-blooded killer may prove invaluable to Hackberry. This time, he and the Preacher have a common enemy.

» True Thai Toy and Nook Love Stories by Heinz Duthel
Date 2012-09-28 | Views  630 | Books |

A Thailand Virgin No More She was beautiful, nice eyes, a virgin how I found out after. She worked in a leading department store at the Western Union, all seems to be perfect and I believed to have found the ‘woman of my life’, but there has been one error. She is Thai, and a Thai woman never belongs to you, she belongs for ever to her family….. The traffic? I thought Paris was bad, but Bangkok was unreal. I loved watching how all the motorbikes weaved in and out of traffic. The only thing sexier than a cute Thai girl hauling ass on a motorbike through traffic? Are two Thai girls, one sitting side saddle hauling ass with smiles on their faces? My entire time, I did not see one traffic accident...very impressive

» The Quail Club by Carolyn Marsden
Date 2012-09-28 | Views  657 | Books |

Oy lives in America now, but she loves to go to the back room of Pak's auto shop on Saturdays to learn traditional Thai dances. She loves it almost as much as being a member of the Quail Club - five friends who gather after school to hatch and care for baby quail. When the teacher announces a talent show, Oy knows how proud her family and Pak would be to see her step onstage in her beautiful gold-threaded dress from Thailand. But bossy Liliandra vows to kick her out of the Quail Club if she won't team up for a very different kind of dance. Someone will be disappointed. But who? Like THE GOLD-THREADED DRESS, Carolyn Marsden's acclaimed first novel, this sensitive and finely crafted sequel explores what it takes to be a true friend, and still be true to yourself.

» Love in the Time of Money by Thomas Shulich
Date 2012-09-28 | Views  645 | Books |

Since the late 20th century Thailand has been associated with a thriving international sexual services industry. One specialized niche of this industry markets young local men as paid exhibitionists to older foreign admirers. This book explores erotic love among these men. It is a study of vacation boyfriends, male sex workers, and international gay tourism. It represents ethnographic fieldwork conducted from 1997 to 2002 in Chiangmai City. Going beyond academic analysis of sexuality in terms of ¿discourses of power¿ ¿ issues of identity politics, normality, perversion, and deviance ¿ this work explores intimate connections and the sociology of love. Three analytical perspectives ¿ cultural ideologies, sexual marketplaces, and erotic roles ¿ are deployed to investigate how commercial and cultural factors facilitate and frustrate, enhance and distort, the erotic love which men of different racial and social classes experience for one another. This work contributes to the research into the patois of cultural values generated at the intersections between modern Asian and Western societies. It should also be of interest to scholars of gender and sexuality.

» Power & Beauty by (Rapper) T. I.
Date 2012-09-27 | Views  662 | Books |

Hip-hop artist Tip "T.I." Harris has received every acclaim the music world has to offer. Now, working with bestselling celebrity collaborator David Ritz, T.I. applies all his talent and experience to the world of fiction by creating the epic love story of Power and Beauty. After the death of his mother, Charlotte, Paul “Power” Clay allows himself to be guided by Slim, a local businessman. Slim always has the best of everything, and Power is sure that if he learns Slim's ways, he'll make something of himself--and perhaps be worthy of Tanya “Beauty” Long. From Chicago to Miami to New York, through drugs, women, and violence, Power makes the difficult transition from boy to man and, in doing so, begins to question if those who have taught him--including Slim--truly have his best interests at heart. Beauty has always known that the only person she can rely on is herself. After her mother died when she was eleven years old, she was adopted by close family friend Charlotte Clay. But with Charlotte's death, Beauty knows she's no longer safe and protected--especially as Power gets sucked into a new kind of life. As soon as she can, she turns her back on Atlanta--and the growing love she feels for Power--for a chance to make it in the Big Apple. With a successful fashion career on the horizon, Beauty takes New York by storm with her wit, business savvy, and breathtaking good looks. But she's never forgotten those she left behind. And when it becomes clear that Power needs her, Beauty will risk everything to save the man she loves.

» Thai Migrant Sex Workers by Kaoru Aoyama
Date 2012-09-27 | Views  674 | Books |

Based on interviews and participatory research, this book explores Thai women's experiences of the global sex trade. Kaoru Aoyama questions the long-standing feminist debate concerning how these women identify themselves: as sex workers, or sex slaves, while also considering the issues of gender, deviance, and migration.

» Sex Tourism by Chris Ryan
Date 2012-09-27 | Views  663 | Books |

Sex Tourism examines the issues which emerge from sex worker-client interactions and from tourists visiting 'sex destinations'. It is a comprehensive summary of past research by academics and original primary and secondary research by the authors and has examples from Asia, Australasia and the USA. The authors have generated new models to show different dimensions of sex tourism, which normalise at least some components of the sex industry, and represent a new way of looking at sex tourism by challenging the preconceived perceptions that some people have of sex tourism or confirm the impression of others. Sex Tourism looks at issues of importance to those working in tourism, women's studies, gender studies and social change.

» Throw Like A Girl by Jean Thompson
Date 2012-09-27 | Views  597 | Books |

A master of short fiction whose "best pieces are as good as it gets in contemporary cction" (Newsday) returns, as Jean Thompson follows her National Book Award finalist collection Who Do You Love with Throw Like a Girl.

» Night Market by Ryan Bishop
Date 2012-09-25 | Views  656 | Books |

In Thailand, a $4 billion per year tourist industry is the linchpin of the modernization process called the "Thai Economic Miracle". And what is Thailand's main attraction? Sex for hire. Year after year young women are lured to Bangkok to staff the teeming brothels, massage parlors, and sex bars that cater to male tourists from the United States, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, the Gulf States, Malaysia, and Singapore. Developed from Lillian S. Robinson's article in The Nation, Night Market traces the historical, cultural, material, and textual traditions that have combined in unique ways to establish sex tourism as an integral part of the developing Thai economy. It explores international sex tourism from the perspectives of economic-development planning, forced labor market choices, international sexual alienation, and textual traditions that have constructed sexual "Other" cultures in Western imagination.

» Miss Bangkok by Bua Boonmee
Date 2012-09-25 | Views  738 | Books |

Miss Bangkok My rating: didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing add to my books Miss Bangkok by Bua Boonmee 3.24 of 5 stars 3.24 · rating details · 37 ratings · 11 reviews Miss Bangkok uncovers the hidden world of a go-go dancer in Thailand's vice city, Bangkok. Bua Boonmee gives us an insight into the life of one of the capital's bar girls and exposes the 'Sometimes I wonder was I born to be unfortunate; is this life my destiny? I pray to Buddha that this not be the case. My life seems to be that of a country girl who has spent her days escaping from a tiger, only to be eaten by a crocodile. Mine is an ever worsening tale with no end in sight.' You see, I am a prostitute, though farangs prefer to call women like me 'bar girls'. I believe the term is more acceptable to westerners' ears. But to a girl like me, it is all the same. 'You can buy me for 2,000 baht a night. In return, I will do anything that is asked of me, but I won't kiss customers- some things are just too intimate to do with a stranger. Kissing is for a wife or girlfriend; sex is for Thai girls like me. "Miss Bangkok" is a vivid, powerful and moving memoir of a life spent in prostitution in Thailand. Poor and uneducated, Bua Boonmee escaped an abusive marriage only to end up in the go-go bars of Patpong. There, in the notorious red-light district of Bangkok, she succumbed to prostitution in an effort to support her family. Bua's story is one of resilience and courage in the face of abuse and poverty. Her confessions will make you laugh and cry, cringe and applaud. She will change your perception of prostitution forever.

» Sex Slaves by Louise Brown
Date 2012-09-23 | Views  611 | Books |

The Asian sex trade is often assumed to cater predominantly to foreigners. Sex Slaves turns that belief on its head to show that while western sex tourists have played a vital part in the growth of the industry, the primary customers of Asia’s indentured sex workers and of its child prostitutes are overwhelmingly Asian men. Here are the voices of some of the world’s most silent and abused women—women who have been forced into prostitution by the men they trust. This is their story, including the journey from home to captivity, the horrors of "seasoning" for prostitution, and the hidden life within the brothel.

» Thailand Fever by Chris Pirazzi
Date 2012-09-23 | Views  668 | Books |

You've met the perfect Thai woman. You're dizzy with joy as her exotic world swirls around you. You've heard so many horror stories, but your heart tells you that she's for real. You want to understand her mysterious ways, and you wish she could understand yours. Now, there's help. Thailand Fever is an astonishing, one-of-a-kind, bilingual expose of the cultural secrets that are the key to a smooth Thai-Western relationship.

» Thailand's Sickest by Mike Fook
Date 2012-09-23 | Views  680 | Books |

This thriller, set in the USA and Thailand, sold over 6,800 books and continues to be one of Mike Fook's best sellers here at Amazon. The price is very right...

» Sex Trafficking by Siddharth Kara
Date 2012-09-23 | Views  649 | Books |

Every year, hundreds of thousands of women and children are abducted, deceived, seduced, or sold into forced prostitution, coerced to service hundreds if not thousands of men before being discarded. These trafficked sex slaves form the backbone of one of the world's most profitable illicit enterprises and generate huge profits for their exploiters, for unlike narcotics, which must be grown, harvested, refined, and packaged, sex slaves require no such "processing," and can be repeatedly "consumed." Kara first encountered the horrors of slavery in a Bosnian refugee camp in 1995. Subsequently, in the first journey of its kind, he traveled across four continents to investigate these crimes and take stock of their devastating human toll. Kara made several trips to India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Albania, Moldova, Mexico, and the United States. He witnessed firsthand the sale of human beings into slavery, interviewed over four hundred slaves, and confronted some of those who trafficked and exploited them.

» Thailand Love Talk by Terence Doyle
Date 2012-09-23 | Views  696 | Books |

The Land of Smiles has many attractions to the overseas visitor, but none more powerful or better appreciated around the world than the alluring smiles of the young ladies working in its many bars. The magnetic draw of beautiful, lissome Thai bar girls sees tens of thousands of westerners arrive, phrase books in hand – and confusion reigning from the moment they try to engage in meaningful conversation with their new-found ‘best friends’. Communications breakdowns in such situations are the norm, rather than the exception – and they are multi-faceted, their roots and tentacles reaching far beyond simple linguistic barriers. Love Talk takes a humorous look at some of the communications barriers faced by westerners enjoying for the first time the delights of long nights sipping cold beers in the company of warm-hearted women eager to get to know them better. With an insightful nod to the cultural divide that separates the typical western bar-lover and his new Thai girlfriend, Love Talk fills in the blanks and settles a few scores along the way.

» The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides
Date 2012-09-23 | Views  661 | Books |

t’s the early 1980s. In American colleges, the wised-up kids are inhaling Derrida and listening to Talking Heads. But Madeleine Hanna, dutiful English major, is writing her senior thesis on Jane Austen and George Eliot, purveyors of the marriage plot that lies at the heart of the greatest English novels. As Madeleine studies the age-old motivations of the human heart, real life, in the form of two very different guys, intervenes---the charismatic and intense Leonard Bankhead, and her old friend the mystically inclined Mitchell Grammaticus. As all three of them face life in the real world they will have to reevaluate everything they have learned. Jeffrey Eugenides creates a new kind of contemporary love story in "his most powerful novel yet"

» Sex Tourism In Bangkok by Peter F. Friedmann
Date 2012-09-21 | Views  638 | Books |

They say that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession; we don’t know if that is true, we can safely assume that there were also thieves and fighters in ancient times too, but what we do know is that like any profession there is a labour market. Like any profession the labour market is going to be more saturated in some countries than it is in others, and when there are plenty of skilled workers the price of their services fall! That is what you pretty much have in Thailand, hundreds of thousands of stunning girls offering you sexual services and escort services in exchange for payment. There are more girls, boys, and ladyboys in Thailand than there are checkout staff in California. Men from all over the developed world head to Thailand to party, live like a king, and to fuck as much as they want – they can live a playboy lifestyle for $1000 a month. You would need a fortune of $50 million or more to live like Hugh Heffner in America right? Maybe the same to live like Peter Stringfellow in the United Kingdom. If you don’t have millions of dollars a middle aged man or an elderly man, and any young man who has a beer belly, simply isn’t going to be able to walk into a bar, pick any girl, take her back to your hotel, and then do whatever you want to her for as long as you want to do it. In Thailand you can, because in Thailand you are rich.

» Even Thai Girls Cry by J. F. Gump
Date 2012-09-21 | Views  710 | Books |

She calls herself that sometimes. Tippawan Bongkot is her given name but everyone knows her as Math. She doesn't know where the nickname came from; she just accepts it without question as a proper Thai lady should. math is a beautiful young lady in a mad dash to find herself. What she finds instead is love and death. Math's frantic search takes her from the sizzling resort town of Pattaya on the southeast coast of Thailand to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai in the north. From the bed of her American lover to the arms of her dying father, Math lives each day as if it might be her last. Her adventures are happy and sad, funny and tragic. Math is true and false, fact and fantasy. The story you about to read is based on actual events. Only the details are fiction. You will fall in love with Math as you follow her through one amazing year of her life. You will laugh at her good times and cry for her sorrow.

» How to Attract Asian Women by Ming Tan
Date 2012-09-21 | Views  651 | Books |

Ming Tan and her hundreds of Asian female interviewees reveal how a man can attract Asian women. Ming Tan hosts dating seminars and events for The New York Observer and New York Press ran articles regarding Ming Tan?

» Genuine Thai Copies by Sean Bunzick
Date 2012-09-19 | Views  661 | Books |

Lek is just another beautiful 'working girl' in a seedy Phuket town full of working girls. But when she is kidnapped by a crazed genetic scientist and taken to his Bangkok laboratory, her life takes some very original twists and turns. The scientist is insane, but he is also brilliant, and before long he has made history by cloning Lek and turning out five identical replica 'Leks', each with distinct characteristics of her own. As the real Lek remains imprisoned in Bangkok, the clones are released and sent on wildly different paths. One takes over a bar on Soi Cowboy. Another ends up working for a Russian gangster and his Islamic allies in Pattaya. A third is a lesbian who is forced to work in a heterosexual bar in Bangkok's Nana Plaza. Yet another finds herself in Chiang Mai where she dedicates herself to slipping in and out of Burma and creating havoc among the Burmese military. The last clone is perhaps the scariest of all – a psychopathic killer who relishes torturing and murdering her victims. As the tale progresses, the clones team up to combat Muslim terrorists who are intent on targeting Bangkok's sex industry with a series of lethal bombs. Can Lek's five clones work as one girl to stop the terrorists?

» My Thai Girl and I by Andrew Hicks
Date 2012-09-19 | Views  605 | Books |

This is about how Andrew Hicks met Cat, a ‘Thai girl’ half his age and how they set up home together in her village out in the rice fields of North Eastern Thailand. He'll tell you of toads in the toilet, of ants' eggs for breakfast, how they took up frog farming and how he got married without really meaning to. It's also a book about the countryside, of the old Thailand where the rhythm of the seasons and belief in the spirits and Buddhism remain strong. Though how could Andrew, a greying English lawyer, ever fit into the lives of a Thai rice farming family? Can Cat and Andrew with their many differences really be compatible?

» Thailand Bar Girls, Angels and Devils by Peter Jaggs
Date 2012-09-19 | Views  797 | Books |

Men have been coming to Thailand for many years now to enjoy the infamous night-life of cities like Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket and to experience the girls that work in the thousands of bars around them. Some have found out to their cost that there are devils amongst the young women that ply their trade in the neon-lit forests of the country and others have been lucky enough to have discovered angels. Peter Jaggs has spent the best part of the past thirty years in Thailand and his previous books about the characters and locations on the seedier side of the streets of Thailand have reached best selling status in their respective categories on Amazon’s lists as well as those of other distributors and have sold thousands of copies to date. His first work, 'From Beggar to Butterfly,’ was described by the legendary Bernard Trink in a review in the Bangkok Post as one of the best books on Pattaya written. ‘Thailand Bar-girls; Angels and Devils,’ is in the same genre and written in very much the same style.

» Thailand Confidential by Jerry Hopkins
Date 2012-09-19 | Views  637 | Books |

Why are these people smiling? Writer Jerry Hopkins came to Thailand for a visit in the 1980s to find out and ended up a permanent resident with a temporary visa-a big, white farang haunting the bars and back alleys of Bangkok. His essays explore the mystery and mayhem of "The Land of Smiles" to hilarious-and sometimes disturbing-effect. Travel with him to a place where water buffaloes are gay, insects are dinner, dildos are lucky charms, and your wildest adolescent fantasies can come true (for a nominal fee).

» The Girl Who Wore Too Much by Margaret Read MacDonald
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  661 | Books |

Like most young girls, Aree likes fine clothing and jewelry. But she is just a wee bit spoiled and has more dresses and accessories than she needs. So when word comes of a dance to be held in the next village, Aree can't make up her mind: Now I can show off my fine clothes! But which color shall I wear? The pink, the fuchsia, the scarlet? The sky blue or aquamarine? Maybe violet? Deep purple? Magenta? Maybe chartreuse? Or emerald green?

» Asian Sex Stories by Jeremy Wahl
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  649 | Books |

Hardcore Asian sex stories told through the eyes of a guy addicted to Asian girls. Girls from many backgrounds are found in these true stories - even Kyrgyzstan. Can you point to within a couple thousand miles of that on a map? I couldn't before I met them. Asian girls are different from other girls. In this book you learn how they are different and how you need to treat them in order to get what you want. This is as much an Asian dating tips book as it is a book of hardcore stories that happened over many years. Learn the 17 reasons the author prefers Asian girls to other girls. After reading this we estimate your Asian dating to increase by 1,000 - 2,000%. You can't read this book and not learn anything, you're learning by example.

» Thai Private Eye by Warren Olson
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  644 | Books |

ThailandÆs most famous private detective, Warren Olson, is back with more shocking true stories from his investigative case files. From unfortunate tsunami-related cases to the latest antiques and racehorse scams, girls tricked into pornography and boys forced into vice, as well as wayward American and European husbands and vindictive wives, Thai Private Eye covers it all.

» Behind The Smile by Owen Jones
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  737 | Books |

Lek was born the eldest child of four in a typical rice farming family. She did not expect to do anything any different from the other girls in her class in the northern rice belt of Thailand. Typically that would be: work in the fields for a few years; have a few babies; give them to mum to take care of and back to work until her kids had their own children and she could stop working to take care of them. One day a catastrophe occurred out of the blue - her father died young and with huge debts that the family knew nothing about. Lek was twenty and she was the only one who could prevent foreclosure. The only way she knew was to go to work in her cousin's bar in Pattaya. She went as a waitress-cum-cashier, but when she realised that she was pregnant by her worthless, estranged husband, things had to change. She had the baby, gave it to her mum and went back to work. However, now she needed real money to provide a better life for her child and to make up for spending its whole youth 500 miles away. She drifted into the tourist sex industry. The book relates some of her 'adventures', her dreams and nightmares and her 'modus operandi'. It tries to show, from Lek's point of view, what it really is like to be a Thai bar girl - the hopes and frustrations, the hopes and the let-downs, the hopes and the lies and deceit that are part of her every day life. Thailand is often referred to as the Land of Smiles and the author of this book agrees that it is, having spent nearly a decade there.

» The Complete Guide To Thai Hookers by Seven
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  676 | Books |

Let's face it, life is stressful enough. Why add to it? If a man wants meaningless sex with a woman, what gives others the right to stop him? You shouldn't have to be rich, handsome, or the worlds greatest pickup artist to have your choice of beautiful women. Sometimes you just want to F**K! This is your complete guide for doing just that in a land where prostitution is accepted and practiced by even the highest authorities in Thailand. This book has eleven chapters that will enlighten the reader about the different types of "working girls" that may be encountered during a trip to Thailand. The information shared in this book will better prepare you for your Thai adventures. Introduction PART I The 4 Types of Thai Women PART II My First Bar Girl Experience PART III Thai Bar Girls 101 PART IV GoGo Dancers in Thailand PART V Soapy Body Massage Girls PART VI Freelancers: The Entrepreneurs of Thailand PART VII How To Negotiate With Thai Freelenacers PART VIII Secrets To Taking Home Freelancers For Free PART IX Sex With Massage Girls PART X Blowjob Bars in Thailand PART XI Final Advice Conclusion This book is like none others on the market. It contains no fluff! Just practical information which comes from years of research brought to you by one of the leading experts of Thai women. ***SPECIAL BONUS: Anyone who buys this book can email the author with a couple of questions about anything in Thailand. Let's face it, life is stressful enough. Why add to it? If a man wants meaningless sex with a woman, what gives others the right to stop him? You shouldn't have to be rich, handsome, or the worlds greatest pickup artist to have your choice of beautiful women. Sometimes you just want to F**K! This is your complete guide for doing just that in a land where prostitution is accepted and practiced by even the highest authorities in Thailand. This book has eleven chapters that will enlighten the reader about the different types of "working girls" that may be encountered during a trip to Thailand. The information shared in this book will better prepare you for your Thai adventures. Introduction PART I The 4 Types of Thai Women PART II My First Bar Girl Experience PART III Thai Bar Girls 101 PART IV GoGo Dancers in Thailand PART V Soapy Body Massage Girls PART VI Freelancers: The Entrepreneurs of Thailand PART VII How To Negotiate With Thai Freelenacers PART VIII Secrets To Taking Home Freelancers For Free PART IX Sex With Massage Girls PART X Blowjob Bars in Thailand PART XI Final Advice Conclusion This book is like none others on the market. It contains no fluff! Just practical information which comes from years of research brought to you by one of the leading experts of Thai women.

» Hello My Big Big Honey! by Dave Walker
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Veteran reporter Richard Ehrlich and Dave Walker unfold a tale of love and lust in Bangkok's notorious red-light district. These interviews and correspondence with prostitutes and their patrons draw an intimate and touching portrait amidst the blaring lights and pounding music of Bangkok.

» Duangkaew Thai Village Girl by Johnny Nuo
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This is a story of the life of an 11-year-old Thai girl named Duangkaew. The story begins at the time her mother dies, her older sister leaves the family and Duangkaew is given the responsibility to care for the home. She has to balance school, shopping, cooking, laundry and other home tasks, and friends. One day a total stranger enters her life. He is a European businessman that has befriended Duangkaew's aunt. He makes a great impression during a brief visit to Duangkaew's school when he visits all the English foreign language classes. Then he is drawn into a scheme to start a shrimp farm. In his own way he tries to assist Duangkaew in expanding her world beyond the local village. There is a major flood that occurs and the families in the village suffer great losses. The shrimp farm is washed away. The American businessman returns to the village to find his investment is literally in the ocean. He takes a dramatic step to assist Duangkaew and her family and give the young girl hope for the future. The text includes approximately 30 commonly used words that are always displayed in the Thai language.

» Bangkok Tattoo by John Burdett
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A farang–a foreigner–has been murdered, his body horribly mutilated, at the Bangkok brothel co-owned by Sonchai’s mother and his boss. The dead man was a CIA agent. To make matters worse, the apparent culprit is sweet-natured Chanya, the brothel’s top earner and a woman whom the devoutly Buddhist sleuth has loved for several lifetimes.

» A Disturbed Girl's Guide to Curing Boredom by James Howell
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Hannah Harker is bored. Her tedious job as a local newspaper reporter is grinding her soul to dust and she cannot find anything to interest or excite her. Refusing to accept an average life of anonymity, she decides to tear up all the rule books and do everything in her power to find a cure for this boredom. Free from the shackles of social convention and morality, she sets off down a dark and dangerous path that will change her forever. A terrible tragedy of her own making sends her spiralling into meltdown and the lives of countless people get dragged into her twisted world. Embarking on a brutal journey through Asia, she befriends arms dealers in Thailand, gangsters in Hong Kong and terrorists in Malaysia, while breaking the hearts of men and women at every turn. As the clock ticks down to a shattering conclusion, the world can only pray that she self-destructs before creating the most staggering news event in history.

» Even Thai Girls Cry by J.F. Gump
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Tippawan Bongkot is a young Thai woman on the run. Life as she knew it, ended the night she caught her fiancé with his lover. Her world collapsed the day she lost her job. Desperate to find work, Tippawan escapes to the resort city of Pattaya hoping that things will change and her bad luck will end. When she meets the farang, a foreigner named Mike, her world does change, but in ways she could have never imagined. Her search for happiness is a haunting adventure not easily forgotten. Walk with Tippawan as she journeys through one year of her incredible life. Discover the love, hate, and intrigue beneath the tranquil surface of everyday Thailand.

» THAI Dating Code by Kulchulee Subsinudom
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Thailand is paradise for Westerners who want to date pretty young ladies. Finding a date with a comely Thai woman is easy, but finding the right girl with more to offer than a pretty face and an attractive figure – like education, fluent English and a cosmopolitan background – is much more difficult. And once you find her, getting a date, establishing a relationship and dealing with the inevitable problems of a cross-cultural relationship, including marriage and raising a family, can turn out to be a big headache.

» Tears For The Thai Girl by J. F. Gump
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Jarapan had it all. A wonderful family, a good job, and a fiancé she loved and would soon marry. But that was before the incident. When a friend offers work in Pattaya, she leaves her home in Khon Kaen to start a new life. Mike Johnson had it all, too. He was living every man's dream of owning a successful go-go bar in Thailand. When he hired a new accountant, he got more than he expected. For the first time in years he was in love and he was happy. Then he got sick - really sick. Walk with Mike and Jarapan as fate twists their romantic dream into a terrifying nightmare. Oriignally printed as One High Season by Bangkok Book House.

» Slave Girl by Sarah Forsyth
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From the age of three, the very people who were meant to be looking after and protecting Sarah Forsyth were sexually abusing her. Somehow she managed to overcome the hurt and heartbreak of a horrific childhood, and build a new and happy life for herself as a nursery nurse. Then, one day, Sarah spotted a newspaper advert for a job in a creche in Amsterdam. Thrilled by the prospect of a fresh start away from Newcastle and all the memories it held, she eagerly signed up. But within minutes of arriving in Amsterdam her life began to fall apart. There was no creche and no job: Sarah was a victim of sex-trafficking. Fed cocaine and cannabis, and forced at gunpoint to work as a prostitute in the red light district of Amsterdam, Sarah was turned from a young innocent English girl into a desperate and terrified crack whore. Riddled with fear about what her pimps would do to her if they caught her trying to run away, it took Sarah almost a year to find the strength to fight back and escape. But, unlike many of the girls that she was forced to live and work beside, she did get away. Sarah Forsyth is a survivor. This is her heartbreaking story.

» Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd
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During her teens, Rachel Lloyd ended up a victim of commercial sexual exploitation. With time, through incredible resilience, and with the help of a local church community, she finally broke free of her pimp and her past and devoted herself to helping other young girls escape "the life."

» Bar Girl by David Thompson
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Siswan started life as a simple village girl but an alcoholic father and a needing mother would change her life forever. She must seek out the help of the foreign men who visit her country - but first she has to learn their ways. From the first chapter to the last Bar Girl tells a harrowing tale of life in Asia where the only thing that matters is money, where love and respect have to be bought rather than earned, and where women always come second.

» Diary of a Thai Escort by Anonymous
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Am I a bad girl? Today I slept with a man for money for the first time. He was an American called David and he was thirty-five years old, exactly ten years older than me. Am I a bad girl? I don’t think so. I just want to do what is best for my parents and my son...

» Thai Girl by Andrew Hicks
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When travellers Ben and Emma split up in Thailand, Ben falls for a local masseuse and experiences the darker side of tourism, where farmers' daughters sell their bodies in Bangkok bars. Thai Girl is a thought-provoking adventure novel that explores the problems of prostitution and cross-cultural relationships, and reaches its climax in the sultry heat of ThailandÕs exotic traveller beaches.

» Thai Sex Stories by Jill Andrews
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I'm Thai and even though I've been in the US for a while now I love to have just as much fun as I always have in Thailand. Adults Only.